The Salted Parchment

About me


I'm Hannah Jones, a floral designer, and the baker behind The Salted Parchment. I'm self taught and really just fell into the beautiful world of french macarons. A few years ago, I tried my first french macaron and absolutely fell in love with the bite-sized dessert. Macarons have such a wonderfully soft texture when baked correctly, and that's what really hooked me. 

I started baking macarons in April of 2016 the day before my 24th birthday. For some reason, I've always considered 23 to be a really special age, and I wanted to top the year off with learning how to make my own macarons. Shockingly, my first batch turned out almost perfect, and I had a new obsession. From then on, our fridge was constantly being filled with random batches of macaron experiments. 

Throughout the year, I continued to bake macarons; I gave them to friends, co workers, people at church, really anybody who wanted to try one in an attempt to keep our fridge available for actual food. The more I gave them away, the more I heard from people that I should be selling my macarons. As much as I this idea appealed to me, the process of starting a new business in Nashville, a city I wasn't all that familiar or comfortable with yet, was so daunting. Also, as a floral designer, making macarons was a hobby I really cherished. It was a totally different way for my creativity to escape, and I didn't want that hobby to turn into something that depleted energy instead of refilling it. After lots of encouragement from many great friends and my incredibly supportive husband, The Salted Parchment adventure began.  

My passion for The Salted Parchment is to provide a delicate, special gift for anyone who receives or tries my macarons. They are carefully curated and unique. Each macaron recipe is designed with care and quality ingredients. I tend to make my macarons more modern than the classic, brightly colored, french macaron you're probably familiar with. My personal aesthetic hones a love for neutral colors, marble, and minimal design, and you'll see this come out in how I decorate my macarons. I also love that macarons are consumable and don't contribute to clutter. They're meant to be a gift that is beautiful, functional, and joyful for the receiver, whomever that may be.